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This is a short selection of website addresses for some of the main utility companies handling most of the connection procedures in the South East.
EDF Energy is one of the larger operators in the network and supply business for the electricity market. To view information about connections on their site, click on ‘Networks’ from the home page. EDF Energy supplies both electricity and gas.
National Grid is the transmission company for both gas and electricity in England as well as being a network operator for gas in many parts of England, including most of London.
Southern Gas Networks covers most of the South East, south of the Thames. Southern Gas Networks is part of the Scotia group which also owns the Scottish network.
British Gas is the largest gas supply company in the UK. The company supplies both gas and electricity.
Thames Water is the largest network operator in the UK and covers most of the South East area. Thames Water is also responsible for sewerage and wastewater in its area of operation.
This is the UK’s only network operator for telecommunications. Openreach is owned by BT but operates separately to BT’s supply company.
This is the website for the communications supply company British Telecom.
Virgin Media is the UK’s only supplier for cable.