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Similar to the electricity sector, the gas sector has both network operators and energy suppliers (most suppliers sell electricity as well as gas). The network operators are called Gas Transporters (GTs) and they own the gas pipeline infrastructure and handle all applications for new gas connections. There are five GTs that cover the UK:-

Gas Transporters

National Grid East of England, North West England,
West Midlands and most of London
Northern Gas Networks North of England
Wales West Utilities Wales and West of England
Southern Gas Networks* South of England
Scotland Gas Networks* Scotland
* Both owned by Scotia  

However, just to complicate the picture slightly, in a minority of cases you might occasionally find that your project’s nearest gas main is owned by an Independent Gas Transporter (IGT). There are six of these spread across the country. On occasions GTs may decide to sub-contract work/responsibility to one of these IGTs.

Currently there are 16 energy suppliers supplying gas in the UK and they are not limited by geographical boundaries so there is plenty of choice for consumers. These include companies such as British Gas and EDF Energy.

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